EG Newsletter December 2018

I. RESISTING STATE-CORPORATE CRIMES AND FACING REPRESSION. TOWARDS A THEORY OF INSURRECTION. Barcelona 2019 European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control 47th Annual Conference. Can Batlló, Barcelona, 4, 5, 6 September 2019 [Call for contributions & accomodation info].

II. No Small Fracking Matter. Samantha Fletcher.

III. Letter to People in Prison. Michael J. Coyle & David Scott.

IV. No More Deaths in Prison. Defending Prisoners’ Rights Manifesto. Famílies contra la Crueltat Carcerària - Barcelona.

EG Newsletter November 2018

I. Barcelona, 4-6 September 2019: European Group 47th Annual Conference

II. EG Working Groups and National Representatives: Updated list and information

III. John Kendall. Regulating police detention. Voices from behind closed doors - book

IV. Bree Carlton & Emma K. Russell. Resisting Carceral Violence. Women’s Imprisonment and the Politics of Abolition - book

EG Newsletter October 2018

I. Ljubljana 2018. A personal chronicle by Emma Hyndman [p.3]
II. No Prison. Manifesto & book published by EG Press Edited by Massimo Pavarini & Livio Ferrari [p.5]
III. Anarchism, Penal Law and Popular Resistance. Published by EG Press Edited by Andrea Beckman, J.M. Moore and Azrini Wahidin [p.7]
IV. Puerto Rico, one year after Hurricane Maria: Corruption, State-Corporate negligence and Colonial theft José Atiles-Osoria [p.9]

EG Newsletter August 2018

 In less than a week’s time, it is the European Group’s 46th Annual Conference. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Ljubljana and we are grateful to the organizers for all their work creating what in Norwegian we would call “sommerens vakreste eventyr” (this summer’s most beautiful adventure).


EG Newsletter

We are happy to present the program for the European Group Annual Conference 2018 in Ljubljana. It is a packed program with much to look forward to, with its focus on Social harm in a digitalized global world: Technologies of power and normalized practices of contemporary society.

You will find the Newsletter here.


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