EG Newsletter February 2019

Dear comrades and colleagues of the European Group,
Hello and welcome to the first newsletter of 2019! We have an exciting year ahead and very much look forward to working with you to continue and develop collaborations, share ideas and move forward with strategies of support and resistance in increasing restrictive and controlling times.
As you will see from the newsletter this month, the key way in which we aim to do that is through the European Group annual conference in Barcelona in September. This year, we strongly encourage presenters to offer examples of toolkits, strategies and collaborations which we can mutually learn from and develop on. As you will see from the call (below) this year centres on action – what have you and/or your colleagues done which have been successful in building strategies for social justice? What has happened that could have gone better that we can all learn from? Are there ways that other members of the European Group can help build support networks?
To that end, we invite you to read the full call (below) and take some time to read and reflect on the excellent contributions from members throughout the newsletter. As always, we very much appreciate it, and are happy to discuss contributions (email Vicky, Dani and Katja on before the 25th of each month).
Enjoy February!
With best wishes,
Vicky Canning, Katja Simončič, and Dani Jiménez [coordinator team]

Barcelona 2019 - 47th EG CONFERENCE

Victor Serri/ Setmanari La Directa)

FOR STAN COHEN. 7 January 2019

EG Newsletter December 2018

I. RESISTING STATE-CORPORATE CRIMES AND FACING REPRESSION. TOWARDS A THEORY OF INSURRECTION. Barcelona 2019 European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control 47th Annual Conference. Can Batlló, Barcelona, 4, 5, 6 September 2019 [Call for contributions & accomodation info].

II. No Small Fracking Matter. Samantha Fletcher.

III. Letter to People in Prison. Michael J. Coyle & David Scott.

IV. No More Deaths in Prison. Defending Prisoners’ Rights Manifesto. Famílies contra la Crueltat Carcerària - Barcelona.

EG Newsletter November 2018

I. Barcelona, 4-6 September 2019: European Group 47th Annual Conference

II. EG Working Groups and National Representatives: Updated list and information

III. John Kendall. Regulating police detention. Voices from behind closed doors - book

IV. Bree Carlton & Emma K. Russell. Resisting Carceral Violence. Women’s Imprisonment and the Politics of Abolition - book


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