Torino 2020 - 48th EG Annual Conference

Campus Luigi Einaudi, Torino, Italy, 2-5 September 2020
Dynamics of harm and social control in the transformation of capitalism

EG February 2020 NEWSLETTER

Dear comrades and colleagues of the European Group

We are very pleased to bring you the February edition of the newsletter. In particular, we are delighted to announce the call for papers for the 48th Annual Conference of the European Group which will be held in Torino/Turin, Italy, 2-5th September. More details will follow in the following weeks and months, but the key date to note is the deadline of 30th April 2020 for submission of abstracts to the relevant conference stream. Many thanks to the fantastic conference team on bringing this call together and to the working group coordinators for their input also. We are sure you agree there will be much scope for critical and exciting discussions.

Nottingham Conference 17-18.4.2020 [extended deadline]

REMINDER - Journal

Dear friends,

As discussed at the 47th Annual Conference, the group is making plans for the future of  our journal Power, Justice and Resistance. The objective to to lighten the administrative load on the editorial team on (for example) typesetting, refocus on radical book publications at EG Press and facilitate further reach of the journal through advertising.

EG Newsletter December 2019

Dear comrades and colleagues of the European Group

Welcome to the December edition of the EG newsletter! We are sure you agree this has been an excitingand pivotal year for the European Group – we have grown significantly in strength and numbers and welcomed more people than ever to this year’s annual conference in Barcelona. Importantly, we focussed our progression on activist inclusion and were pleased to host people working at the frontline of Catalan resistance, amongst many other pressing issues including the worrying growth of fascism and right-wing political agendas.
As you will see from this month, we have carried on addressing some of these in relation to ongoing repression in Catalonia, escalating unrest in Chile and in critical approaches to prisons. We also welcome some exciting new conferences, and we are looking forward to the 2020 conference with our fantastic colleagues in Torino/Turin.
A number of us working at Universities have also been on strike (including Vicky, hence the late edition!) and we have also appreciated support from EG members from across waters.
Lastly, we would like to thank everyone for their unwavering support and various forms of contribution to the Group throughout 2019 – there are no doubt many uphill struggles in store with 2020, so it is great that we are entering them as a collective.
Enjoy the rest of 2019, and best wishes to all for 2020.

In solidarity
Vicky, Dani and Katja


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